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What is Car-Free MSP?

In honor of World Car-Free Day on September 22, 2022, Anoka County Commute Solutions, Commuter Services, Metro Transit, Move Minneapolis and Move Minnesota teamed up to promote opportunities, resources, and events to go car-free and connect to the community. 


World Car-Free Day aims to create awareness and educate communities about alternatives to driving alone. Launched in Spain in 1996, World Car-Free Day is observed in 1,500 cities and more than 40 countries.  


Throughout September 2022, partner organizations promoted events and resources for individuals to learn about how to get around without a car and to experience car-free spaces in their communities. People were encouraged to go completely car-free all day on Thursday, September 22, 2022 and evening community celebrations were held to connect with other participants. 

September 2022 Calendar - Monday Start (2).png

Try out car-free trips between 9/1 - 9/21 so you are ready to go 24-hours car-free on 9/22!


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